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Bedrock Nursery manages dozens of Residential and Commercial properties in and around the Lawton/Fort Sill Community.  Our uniformed crews are experienced, efficient, and take great pride in giving each and every property the full attention to detail that it deserves.


Our diverse portfolio of accounts includes residential homeowners, homeowner associations, restaurants, apartment complexes, medical complexes, car dealerships, and other diverse commercial businesses.  Just as our clients are different, so are our maintenance programs; each is designed to a property's unique needs and budget.


A standard Bedrock Nursery yearly maintenance agreement includes the following services:

  • weekly mow, weed-eat, and edge (directional mowing changes weekly to avoid tire ruts and grass clippings hauled away)

  • blow off all concrete areas including sidewalks, driveways and/or parking lots

  • de-weed flowerbeds and trim / prune shrubbery to maintain a professional appearance

  • collect general trash and debris / dispose - paper, cans, tree limbs, etc.

  • irrigation system management - change watering days and watering times according to season / time of year - (optional)

  • rye and fescue grass over-seeding - (optional)

  • seasonal color changes and annual flowers - (optional)

  • tree pruning and tree removal - (optional)

  • mulching flowerbeds - (optional)


Seasonal Color

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There are few landscape elements which affect the overall appearance of a property more dramatically than flowers.  In addition to providing beauty through the creative display of brilliant blooms, seasonal color (annuals) enhance and vary the way a property is viewed from season to season.  The success of any seasonal color program relies heavily on the quality of plants and planting material used, as well as the care and management of those plants throughout their growing seasons.  This area is our specialty and our growers pride themselves in providing only the finest quality of bedding plants that our industry has to offer. 


We welcome you to come visit our retail garden center located at 1802 NW 67th St., where our staff is trained to help you choose the appropriate varieties and colors for your home or business setting.

Bedrock Nursery Seasonal Color Program
Bedrock Nursery Seasonal Color Program
Bedrock Nursery Seasonal Color Program
Bedrock Nursery Seasonal Color Program

Snow Removal for Commercial Properties

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An additional service, usually provided to Bedrock maintenance customers but not limited to, includes snow removal.  Our team of specialists will remove snow from your business parking lot before you or your employees begin arriving to work.  All contracts specify clearing of snow or ice before 7:00 AM, provided of course, the snow does not fall in the wee hours of the morning.  Our Oklahoma winters can be very unpredictable to say the least! 

Our full range of snow removal services includes:

  • parking lot plowing - skid steers and/or back hoes

  • sidewalk and walkway shoveling

  • sidewalk and parking lot de-icing


Not having a snow removal service can be a liability. Call today and request to be added to our list of customers who automatically receive service during inclement weather without ever having to call and request again!   


We will ease your mind and help you provide your customers with a clear, safe passage from the parking lot to your front door of your business.



Bedrock Nursery Snow Removal
Bedrock Nursery Snow Removal
Bedrock Nursery Snow Removal
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