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Water Features

Bedrock Nursery Water Features
Bedrock Nursery Water Features
Water Feature
In-ground Water Feature
Bedrock Nursery Pond & Water Feature
Water Pond
Water Feature
Water Fountain
Water Feature

There are very few soothing sights and sounds that of running water. It helps the mind and body relax. We are able to bring this relaxing experience to your yard in a variety of ways.


  • Pondless Waterfall – A pondless waterfall is just that- a peaceful, relaxing stream running down and disappearing in the ground. They are very low maintenance.

  • Waterfall with a pond – If you would like to have fish, this option is for you. The waterfall runs into a pond that you can have fish or plants in alike.

  • Bubbler rock – If you don’t have the room for a pondless waterfall or pond but still love the sight and sound of water, a bubbler rock is the ideal option. We use a boulder and drill holes in it to have the water shoot out of and run down the boulder. We also have ceramic fountain vases if you prefer a more colorful option.


 We also carry Fountains in many shapes and sizes that can enhance any landscaping. 


Stop by our Nursery today and let us give you the options of many

Water Features we offer!

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